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A couple of very important things to know before becoming a stripper, if you’re not already, that is. Dancing has only about 10%-20% to do with being a good stripper! In this day of Google, you will not be able to keep being a stripper a secret. Once you do it, you can’t take it back. So you better get paid for it, and make it count.

I started dancing after losing everything in a house fire two days before Christmas. All the Christmas toys, furniture & clothes, everything I owned except what me & my children were wearing.

I was unable to go back to my 9-5 job after Christmas break because I had nothing to wear except the things Red Cross had given me, which was not professional attire. I did try a couple other jobs. At that point I had never heard of a strip club, let alone even knew what a stripper was.

I tried selling pot for a while to pay the bills, which is what ultimately led me to the strip club… lol. Not the way you’re thinking though.

One of my customers was a stripper who lived two hours away from the club. She had lost her license, so had no way to get there. She asked if I wanted to go on a road trip. At this point I still had no idea what a strip club was.

I began driving her back & fourth on a regular basis, as it got me out of the house. So, I would just hang out at the club while she worked.

I was very intrigued by the hustle and camaraderie between everyone working together. They were so welcoming and friendly. I needed that in my life at that time.

Of course, it wasn’t like that all the time, at every club. I’ve learned many lessons over the years, both good and bad.

The first time I stepped into the club with my customer/friend- (let’s call her Sara), a completely naked, shorter girl runs from across the room to hug her. They stood in the middle of the club, Sara completely clothed, the other girl completely naked, embracing.

I was slightly confused, was she gay? Why was this girl naked? I figured I’d get all my questions answered soon enough.

During our trips to the club I would hang out with the regular customers and observe the show, mingle with the girls and the employees of the club.

Eventually a customer began to start paying attention to me, and he wanted me to pay attention to him. Let me just say; I had very little hustle or knowledge of the potential in this situation at the time.

Cell phones didn’t exist at that time so he paid my long distance phone bill so I could call him when I didn’t bring my friend to work.

One thing led to another and before too long he was buying lap dances from me in the club and paying my rent for a second place in town.

Along my journey, I have held every job within a strip club… several clubs actually. Almost every club I have worked at, I have taught someone; a dancer, owner, manager or house mom something about how to make money by working smarter, not harder.

I have featured, house danced, been a magazine cover model, done soft core porn, been a web cam model, managed, DJ’d, been a hostess, tended bar, etc…

I have been in pageants, hosted them at a club I managed, ran the pageant at a club I was working for, recruited girls and workers for a pageant.

I have danced in all but 6 states in the country, either house dancing or featuring, some states I’ve done both, and yes, there is a difference.

There are plenty of negatives along the way that come with any journey of course. Your mental health, physical health, financial droughts, losing a family or friend, and all of the other stigmas that come with being a stripper.

This course will teach you from start to finish and every step in between, how to make the most of your time in this business. Which means: make the most money, in as many different ways possible, simultaneously.

Depending on how involved you want to be in the adult industry I will help you make the right connections to maximize your earning potential. After all you are here for the big bucks right?

Elektra - Stripper to Cover Girl - American Stripper Academy
Elektra - Stripper to Cover Girl